MTSS Model Implementation

Eight developmental mathematics instructors were instrumental in implementing the MTSS model because of their shared commitment to student success. They monitored teaching and learning behaviors daily for each Basic and/or Intermediate Algebra course taught during the two year project. As importantly, they dedicated time to participate in bi-monthly professional development that focused on how the MTSS model was grounded in scientifically-based research and the importance of using such instructional methods consistently and continuously. Use of explicit instruction with adult learners who need to learn fluency with numbers and the procedural knowledge necessary to achieve conceptual understanding was introduced and encouraged.

Implementing the MTSS model was dependent upon changes in course structure to provide additional levels of learning supports as needed, and an instructional routine that engaged students in interactive learning. By the second year of the project, instructors videotaped their classes for professional development review at follow-along instructor team meetings facilitated by the research team. These video reviews further defined and refined the engaged learning and teaching behaviors observed when using explicit instruction with adult learners in Basic and Intermediate Algebra (Knight et al., 2012).