Join the BHSU Research Symposium

15th Annual Research Symposium:

The Black Hills Research Symposium is an interdisciplinary conference to showcase undergraduate research activity in the Black Hills region.

We invite submissions from undergraduate and graduate university students in the Black Hills to present posters or to give oral presentations describing completed scholarly work. Student work must be done in collaboration with a faculty research mentor. An interdisciplinary faculty committee will review submissions for acceptance.

During the Black Hills Research Symposium, a panel of experts will judge student presentations and award cash prizes for the top presentations. Abstracts for the 16th annual BH Research Symposium are due February 27, 2015

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Kelly Bricker is an Associate Professor and Interim Chair of the Department at the University of Utah in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism. She also works as a Senior Research Scientist – in Recreation with HDR. Dr. Bricker completed her Ph.D. research with the Pennsylvania State University, where she specialized in sustainable tourism and natural resource management. She has special research and teaching interest in ecotourism, sense of place, natural resource management, and the environmental and social impacts of tourism.

Kelly has conducted research on heritage tourism, social impacts of tourism, natural resource-related tourism environments, and visitor management issues on public lands.  She has presented papers on issues in ecotourism, sustainable tourism management, sense of place, tourism and natural resource management, and incentive travel programs. She has published articles on sense of place, ecotourism certification and policy, and health and sustainable tourism relative to communities.

With her husband Nathan, she developed an ecotourism operation called Rivers Fiji. She serves currently as the Chair of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and Chair of The International Ecotourism Society.