BHSU Research Symposium

Keynote Presentation - Dr. Vincent Youngbauer

Dr. Vincent Youngbauer

21st Annual Black Hills Research Symposium Keynote Speaker (2019) - Dr. Vincent Youngbauer

Address Title: "The Importance of Media Literacy Education in 21st Century America"

In 2009, the National Council of the Social Studies released a position statement on media literacy in social education.  As noted by the NCSS, “the multimedia age requires new skills for accessing, evaluating, creating, and distributing messages within a digital, global, and democratic society”(NCSS, 2009, p. 187).  If today’s students are to become engaged citizens as adults, they must acquire the skills and knowledge associated with media literacy.  Dr. Youngbauer's research is focused on teaching young people how to critically engage with the media that is ubiquitous in this day and age.  


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