Why should you study abroad?

No matter where life takes you after Black Hills State University, you will be working and living with people from all cultures and backgrounds. Study abroad offers students a chance to understand these differences and strengthens your ability to successfully live and work in our interconnected global society. Many returned students have grown into more independent and competent citizens in addition to having a lot of fun and garnering amazing travel stories.

Study abroad has been linked to higher GPAs, better career placements, and higher salaries among many other desirable outcomes.

There are many benefits to study abroad including:

Gain Academic Credit

See the world and get college credit! Studying history where that history was made, learning about international business in Germany or practicing your Spanish with natives…it’s all possible. Exploring yourself in a culture teaches you more than you could ever learn in a classroom.


Often travel is less expensive once you are already away. This can be a great opportunity to see much of the world.

Build a Résumé

Employers ask applicants about their global experience and multicultural awareness. Employees need to understand diversity and how to interact with all types of people in an interconnected global economy. Study abroad will help you in this challenge.

Obtain an Internship or Teach Abroad

With lots of hands-on-learning opportunities, BHSU study or teach abroad offers unique ways for you to engage with the world. Internships provide real global work experience and teaching abroad (either as a major or non-major) allows for diversity in thought and theory. These experiences give tangible work experience to share while interviewing for a job or defining your next career move.

Experience the World

Venturing away from all that is familiar takes courage, but the rewards of studying abroad definitely outweigh the risks. Students often say that after studying abroad they have a growing confidence and new problem-solving abilities from having to make decisions by themselves. You will also be exposed to the way that others view you, which is a great way to reflect on yourself and your own culture.

Make New Friends

Study abroad allows you to establish a network of friends all over the world.


The world is a big place with many areas to explore; more questions to be answered, more things to learn and more trails to blaze.

Clarify your Field of Study

Studying abroad gives you opportunities to explore your interests. Internships, new ideas, and new friendships can give you unique experiences to help you to discover your passion.

Learn a Language

There’s no better way to practice a language than speaking to other natives, with several opportunities to practice your Spanish or French.

Save Money (or Make Money!)

With opportunities like Teaching Abroad or special arrangements in China, students can actually go to school for free, or even receive a small stipend for teaching English as a native speaker. Regardless of the choice, these options actually have less overall costs than studying on the Spearfish or Rapid City Campus. Really! Talk to the International Office today!