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Hwayoung Choi

Hwayoung ChoiBlack Hills State University student Hwayoung Choi aspires to teach others.

Choi, an international student from South Korea, wants to teach English, and to become the best teacher she can be means traveling overseas to improve her English and build confidence in the classroom.

Choi is from South Jeolla, or Jeollanam-do, a province in the southwest part of South Korea. While studying in South Korea, Choi said she wanted to immerse herself in the English culture in order to better educate her future English students.

BHSU parnters with a number of universities around the world, including South Korea, and has hosted hundreds of students from those partner schools.

Choi is studying in the Academic English Program (AEP) at BHSU, a program that helps international students with their English and transition into their English-speaking and writing classes on campus. AEP classes focus on writing, reading, speaking and listening in English and are a requirement of all international exchange students at BHSU before they pursue courses in their major.