BHSU Chiesman Committee - Faculty Research

Chiesman Endowment for Promoting Democracy
2013-2014 Faculty Research Grants

Unfortunately funds for Faculty Research Grants
are not available in 2013-2014.


The Black Hills State University’s Chiesman Endowment for Promoting Democracy is seeking applications from BHSU faculty members interested in pursuing research in the areas of democracy, civic education, law-related education, or the promotion of democratic principles and ideals. The endowment will award up to $6,000 to a faculty member(s) who meets the following criteria.

1. The research or scholarly activity focuses on the intent of the Chiesman Endowment. The Chiesman Endowment is seeking research and publication on topics related to the promotion, study, and preservation of democracy and democratic ideals.

2. The findings will be submitted for publication in a national journal or magazine within one year of the award of the stipend unless other arrangements are made.

3. A proposal, which will serve as an application, will be submitted to the BHSU Office of Sponsored Programs by ________. The Office of Sponsored Programs will forward the proposal to the Chair of the Chiesman Endowment Committee for review and approval for funding.

The announcement of awards will be made by ___________.

4. The proposal will contain the name or names (if it is a joint project) of the investigators, the research question or problem, a proposed methodology, a statement of relevancy to how the project will promote or preserve democratic ideals and principles, a proposed budget, and finally, a statement on where the results will be published or presented. The proposal should not exceed three pages (double spaced).


Proposal must be sent to:

William Kelly
Director, Sponsored Programs Office
Black Hills State University
1200 University Street, Unit 9504
Spearfish, SD 57799-9504
Phone: 642-6371, Fax: 642-6193