You're in the spotlight. Photography and Video

Our team strives to maintain a supply of quality photos for use in promoting BHSU. If you need a photo, check with our staff about some photos available. We will arrange for a photographer to attend University events or projects when requested and a photographer is available.

We have also recently launched a BHSU Photoshelter site that allows the public to purchase photos of events from commencement, theatre performances, sporting events, scenic campus photographs, and more. 

In addition to photography, our office produces videos to promote the University. Our video services include: creation and editing of scripts, videography, editing, and coordinating with outside companies on projects. Visit with us about your video needs to see how we can help you with your video and give you a realistic idea of time and budget for the project.

More information about branding guidelines with photos and videos.

Please complete the form below and allow 2 weeks notice to schedule the shoot.

Please have all models complete the photographer release form and return to the media representative at the date of shooting.