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How to Create Bullets and Numbering

In this article we are going to discuss how to create bullets and numbering. These instructions are focused for module editors. If you do not have the ability to add a page, please contact for assistance. To begin these instructions, you must be logged into the website where you will be editing a text module. Below you will find the written instructions, a printable file for your convenience, and you can watch a video as well.

After you have selected Edit Content, the Editor window will appear. Be sure the Rich Text Editor is selected. This is located towards the top of the screen, over the Editor toolbar.


  1. Begin by typing the first item you would like to bullet.
  2. Select the Insert/Remove Bulleted List icon. This is located under the Source icon on the top left hand corner of the Editor toolbar.
  3. To continue making your bulleted list, simply hit the Enter key on your keyboard and another bullet will appear.
  4. Another way to create a bulleted list is by highlighting the text you want bulleted and then selecting the Insert/Remove Bulleted List icon.
  5. To create a sub bullet, highlight the text you want as a sub bullet and select the Increase Indent icon. This is located two icons to the right of the Insert/Remove Bulleted List icon.

You may notice that after you have Pasted as Plain Text from a Word document, the bullets change from their original size in Word to a smaller size. These are not actually bullets and you must recreate bullets for all bulleted lists. 

  1. To recreate bullets, highlight the list and select the Insert/Remove Bulleted List icon as previously discussed. Note that the small bullets do not disappear. You can delete these.


You can also change the bullet style when you highlight the text, right click, and selecting Bulleted List Properties from the drop down menu. You will have the option to change to bullets to circle, disc, or square.


The process of numbering a list is the same as previously described, except instead of choosing Insert/Remove Bulleted List icon, you will choose Insert/Remove Numbered List icon. It is located to the left of the Insert/Remove Bulleted List icon in the Editor toolbar.

*To change the numbering style, highlight the text, right click, select Numbering List Properties from the drop down menu, and choose between: Numbers, lowercase letters, uppercase letters, small Roman numerals, and large Roman numerals.

Tips: Using Shift/Enter

  • If you want to add a line of text within your bulleted/numbered list, but you do not want it bulleted/numbered, simply key Shift+Enter.
  •  If you want the bulleted/numbered list to be single space, use Shift+Enter when typing instead of Enter. If the text is already typed, you will need to delete the Enter that is between the listed items and Shift+Enter to separate them once again.

Do you want to print out these instructions? Download a printable version of How to Create Bullets and Numbering.


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