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How to Add a Module

In this article, we will be discussing how to add a module to a page. Modules are the basis of any page and the first place to being when editing. This example demonstrates how to add an HTML Module. If you are having difficulties or need any further clarification, please contact for assistance. Below you will find the written instructions, a printable file for your convenience and you can watch a short video as well.

1. In Module area of the control panel, make sure Add New Module radio is selected.

2. In the Module: field, select a module from the dropdown list (frequently it will be the HTML module).

3. Select where to insert the module. Under the Pane: field choose an option.
NOTE: Your options are: Content Pane, Right Pane, Left Pane, Lower Left Pane, and Lower Content Pane. If you are uncertain about where each pane is located, choose the Layout radio button in the Mode: field located in the upper left corner.

4. Select where to place the module in relation to other modules in that pane. Under the Insert: field select either: Top, Above, Below, Bottom

5. Under the Visibility: field, select whether you would like this module to be visible to everyone with Same As Page, or to Page Editors Only.


NOTE: You would want to make a module visible to page editors only if the module will be a work in progress for a few days. This way no one will be able to see the module unless logged into the website. You will be able to change the visibility for everyone to see after the module is completed via module settings.

6. Click Add Module To Page

Do you want to print out the instructions? Download the printable version of How to add a Module.

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