What is Consensual Sex?

Consensual sexual activity happens when each partner willingly chooses to participate. Open communication about expectations and desires is a critical factor in obtaining consent. 

Consent is:

  • Verbal and Clear. Your sexual partner must be given every opportunity to communicate his/her wishes.
    No means no, and when in doubt, ask first.
  • Sober and unimpaired. Consent can only be given by a person who has control of his or her mental capacities, is not drunk or high, and is legally in position to give consent.
  • Consistent and prompt. Even if someone has given consent to be sexually involved with another, that person has the right to withdraw consent at ANY time.
  • Unforced and non-threatened. Use of force, intimidation, or coercion is denial of a person's right to freely give his/her consent. Share the power and control of the situation by communicating openly about your expectations and desires in the moment.

>Sex without consent is sexual assault!