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Employee Recognition & Award Program

Edit Award Process
  • Nominations will be sought from the Black Hills State University community.
  • Nomination forms may be submitted by faculty, students, co-workers, or supervisors for any non-student employee.
  • A committee composed of faculty, career service and exempt staff of BHSU will forward recommendations to the President. Award recipients will be announced at the spring reception.
  • Honors will include trophies, plaques, monetary awards and other items of value.
  • The nomination deadline is March 1.

Nomination forms are on the web.  If ou have any questions, please contact the Human Resource Office at 642-6549.



Community Service Award

The individual receiving this award will be honored for service provided to the Spearfish community, the region around Spearfish, the State of South Dakota or the Nation and spotlights the positive impact that BHSU employees have in the community.  The nominee should demonstrate significant contribution of time or talent and may also involve facilitating change, leadership, taking risks and involving others. All BHSU employees are eligible

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Economic Enhancement or Savings Award

The recipient of this award may be a person or area that initiated and successfully established new methods, practices, or plans which have enhanced revenues and/or saved BHSU money, time or staff. All BHSU employees/areas are eligible.

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Edit University Service Award

Conferred on an employee of Black Hills State University who displays outstanding dedication and commitment to the responsibilities of their position through service to the public and support of fellow employees. A nominee must have demonstrated performance qualities which serve as an example to other. All BHSU employees are eligible.

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Student Service Award

This award will be conferred upon an individual who best fulfills or promotes BHSU's mission as an innovative, high-quality university through his or her services that assist students through: mentoring, service to student organizations, clarification of BHSU information/policies, advisement, etc.

Nominees should be those employees who have direct contact with students on a regular basis. These persons consistently extend themselves beyond the bounds of their normal job routine to deliver assistance to students. They are problem solvers in the provision of all services while maintaining their professionalism while following the accepted practices and procedures established by BHSU. These individuals should have the respect of co-workers and students for their responsiveness in providing service. All BHSU employees are eligible

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University Area Award

The recipient of this award is an area of the university that has displayed outstanding dedication and commitment to the responsibilities of that area. Creativity in the effective use of resources, management of a significant project or projects or assignments within rigid constraints may be considered for this award. Continued performance at a consistent high level may also be considered. Area examples: a division, college, department, etc. or any smaller area such as the custodial staff in Jonas Hall. All BHSU employees/areas are eligible.

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Past award recipients



2013 Awards



Area Award
Myron Sullivan and Keith Smith – University Security


Community Service Award
Don Altmyer


Special Committee Award
David Salomon


Student Service Award
Micheline Hickenbotham


University Service Award
Arnie Hemmingson


University Service Award
Jim Knutson


University Service Award
Diane Mabey




Area Award
Kristen Kilmer, Corinne Hansen, Ven Thompson, Paul Kopco – University Communications


Community Service Award
Cheryl Leahy and David Wolff


Special Committee Award
Jace DeCory


Student Service Award
Joan Wermers


University Service Award
Mike Jastorff


University Service Award
Kim Kerwin



2004 Award Recipients



2005 Award Recipients



Community Service - Randy Culver

Student Service - Dawn Kennedy

University Service - Terry Hupp

Area Award - Library Staff

Special Committee Award - Finance/HRIS Implementation Team



Community Service - Kathy Quinn

University Service - Beth Azevedo

Area Award - Custodial Services

Special Committee Award - Human Resources



Economic Savings - Art Jones

Community Service - Bookstore Staff

Student Service - Rhonda Wolff

University Service - Shanna Franzen

Area Award - Instructional Media Staff

Special Committee Award - Urla Marcus



Economic Savings - Brian Ewald

Community Service - Fred Nelson

Student Service - Scott Ahola

University Service - Anne Stevens

Area Award - Grounds & Maintenance Staff

Special Committee Award - Marc Tuschen



Special Committee Award - The JLR Crew

  • Bonnie Alberts
  • Danielle Brady
  • Sara Elias
  • Arlene Holmes
  • Chad Kruckenbert
  • Mike McNeil
  • Barb Ridgway
  • Eileen Thomas
  • Joe Valades

Economic Impact Award - Sponsored Programs Office

Community Service Award - Penney Williams

University Service Award - Kathy Morford & Elise Kietzmann

Student Service Award - Cody McMichael

University Area Award - University Marketing & Communications

  • LaNaya Elliott
  • Corinne Hansen
  • Sheryl Holman
  • Kristen Kilmer
  • Susie Pratt
  • Michelle Tracy



Edit 2011

Special Committee Award - Jeanne Hanson

Economic Savings Award -

  • Deb Smoot
  • Ven Thompson
  • Danielle Brady

Community Service Award - Terry Hupp

University Service Award - Patty Clarkson

Student Service Award - Richard Raridon

University Area Award - Human Resources Office

  • Nancy Grassel
  • David Dobrenski
  • Jilena Faith
  • Glen Lammers
  • Marie Guest
Edit 2012

Special Committee Award - Dr. Andy Johnson

Economic Savings Award - Mike Jastorff

Community Service Award - Brett Swanson

University Service Award - Dr. Curtis Card, Dr. Priscilla Romkema, Dr. Pat Simpson

Student Service Award - Dr. Jane Klug

University Area Award - A'Viands Staff

 Sara Spellman Jeremy Emery Janet Gehring
Dillon Haug Angela Hopewell Rhea Johnson
Diana Jones Shelby Jones Heidi Kegler
Nicole Keller Briane Kruckenberg Landon Langer
Laura LaPlante Patty Maki Sean McGinnis
Doug Nieman Karen Oster Jason Randolph
Dave Rhoden Krista Schroeder Ron Showman
Sharon Showman Richard Walker Student Employees


Longevity Recipients


2008 (August 22, 2007 - August 21, 2008)

40 Years
Calvin Crooks

30 Years
Dr. Janeen Larsen
Lil Odell

25 Years
Patty Clarkson
Dr. Kent Meyers
Steve Meeker

20 Years
Janet Bettelyoun
Dr. Thomas Cox
Michael Jastorff
Cheryl Leahy
April Meeker
LeAnn Vandine

15 Years
Dr. Cheryl Anagnopoulos
Rebecca Cooper
Dr. Daniel Durben
Ronald Ehly
Veronica Feeney
Dr. Carol Hess
Jane Klug
Cody McMichael
Kimberly Nida
Thomas Wheaton

10 Years
Jhett Albers
Leonard Austin
William Baker
Rodney Bartholomew
Dr. Susan Dana
Dr. Holly Downing
Kathleen Finkle
Dr. Amy Fuqua
Dr. Richard Gayle
Leone Geppert
Jeanne Hanson
Michael Isaacson
Dr. Vincent King
Tamara Lawson
Richard Loose
Ginny Sunding
Ven Thompson
Joe Valades
Dr. David Wolff
Dr. Michael Zehfus


2009 (August 22, 2008 - August 21, 2009)

35 Years
Carol Thomas

30 Years
Margaret Kleinsasser
Marilyn Luscombe

25 Years
Jace DeCory

20 Years
Jane Dunbar
Tom Termes

15 Years
Rebecca Haak
Pamela Wegner

10 Years
Patty Bellemy
Greg Cooch
Deb Henriksen
Micheline Hickenbotham
Andy Johnson
Vicki Kapust
Lynette Long
Ronda Mehrer
Cindy Ostert
Tracey Steinbach
Myron Sullivan
Scott Walkinshaw
John Wilkinson

5 Years

Scott Ahola Lynne Munger
Pamela Arneson Parthasarathi Nag
Catherine Bergey Marcie Pratt
Danielle Brady Sasha Pursley
Pamela Carriveau Andrey Reznikov
Richard Carriveau Barb Ridgway
Cynthia Chandler Daniel Spencer
Dawn Danko Scott Stoltenberg
David Dobrenski Robert Vanderlinde
Sara Freng David Wilson
Mary Goebel Stacy Wolf
Danelle Johnson Sheng Yang
Albert Juhrend Ed Young



2010 (August 22, 2009 - August 21, 2010)

40 Years
Swarts, Jerry

35 Years
Art Jones
Hanna Swarts
30 Years
Hess, James


 25 Years

Grassel, Nancy
Madrid, Peggy
Wessel, Douglas
15 Years
Altmyer, Donald
Babbitt, Stephen
Beguin, Verona
Debeaumont, Ronald
Hoover, Ralph
Lamb, Charles
Lewis, Theresa
Talks, Lorraine
Thomas, Pamela

10 Years
Ahmad, Hasina
Briggs, Janet
Ewald, Brian
Hahn, Christopher
Hunt, Shad
Kennedy, Jean
Sayler, Bentley
Shearer-Cremean, Christine
Shuck, Nancy
Siewert, Daluss
Stillson, Holly
10 Years A’Viands Service to BHSU
Langer, Lynn

5 Years

Laura Bothwell Barbara Looney
Erin Buck Sandra Marker
Forrest Cain Pam McKie
Robert Campbell Michael Morgan
James Castleberry Stephanie Murphy
Chris Coolidge Christian Nsiah
Sandy Crain Lee Pearce
DeeAnn Dorfschmidt Juan Perez
Carolyn Ferrell Ronald Reede
Nancy Hall Annette Ryerson
Arlene Holmes Debby Schelske
Mary Husemann Pat Simpson
Diana Koch Nancy Wietgrefe
Don Looney  


Edit 2011 (August 22, 2010 - August 21, 2011)
30 Years
Raysor, Cynthia

 20 Years

Culver, Randy
Haug, Shawn
Miller, Roger
Parrow, Kathleen
Schallenkamp, Kay
Walker, Richard
Watson, Diane
Wilson, Warren
15 Years
Holmes, Erin
Kopco, Paul
Molseed, Timothy
Nelson, Frederick
Sarver, Shane
Schamber, Sandra
Walkins, Dennis

10 Years

Bergmamm, David
Covell, Shawn
Cremean, David
Fox, Lynn
Jolley, Marc
Jones, Mary
Kegler, Heidi
Klarenbeek, Sandra
Larive, Deborah
Nelson, Sarah
Nore, Mark
Salitros, Irene
Sorensen, Karen
Wynia, Steven

5 Years

Albrandt, Rodger Post, David
Apaza, June Salazar, Jeannie
Coble, Donald Scarborough, David
Evridge, Ann Schafer, Bradd
Junek, Shauna Schallenkamp, Kenneth
Kietzmann, John Spellman, Garth
LaDuke Pelster, Faye Stone, Jamalee
Lovett, Kristie Swanson, Bret
Morford, Kathy Tolan, Michael

Edit 2012 (August 22, 2011 - August 21, 2012)

40 Years

Ramona Collins
Carol Gritts

35 Years

Jim Knutson

30 Years

Jean Johnson
Norma Perry

25 Years

Curtis Card
Sharon Hemmingson

 20 Years

Ahrar Ahmad
John Glover
Kathy Johnson
Patty Maki
Timothy Martinez
Cody McMichael
Kristi Pearce
Betsy Silva
Tony Silva
Timothy Steckline
Eileen Thomas
Penney Williams

15 Years

John Alsup
Chad Anderson
Leonard Austin
Peggy Buckwalter
David Calhoon
Kathleen Finkle
Dorothy Fuller
Leone Geppert
Candy Huddleston
Chistine McCart
Priscilla Romkema
Randy Royer
Brian Smith
Michael Tiffany
Laura Turner
Nicholas Wallerstein
Rhonda Wolff

10 Years

Bonnie Alberts
Debbie Balding
Bill Bland
Rajeev Bukralia
Liz Diers
Janet Gehring
Kanda Guthmiller
Terry Hupp
Kristen Kilmer
Julianna Larson
Patrick Mackin
Sonya Pagel
Katie Pavel
Laura Prosser
John Rombough
David Siemens

5 Years

Josh Baity
Mary Caton-Rosser
Bob DiBonto
John Dixson
Abigail Domagall
Lois Flagstad
James Fleming
Gary Groce
Brandi Hanson
Paul Jones
Grace Kostel
Chad Kruckenberg
James Lenneman
Mike McNeil
Jonathan Nero
Josh Roadifer
Nancy Roberts
Donna Vanden Hoek
Lorena Wenzel
Chen Wu






Becky Bruce, Personnel Assistant
George Early, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs
Anita Haeder, Director of Human Resources
Arnie Hemmingson, Chief Information Officer
Susan Hemmingson, Senior Accountant
Susan Hove-Pabst, Associate Professor
David Maki, Food Service Worker
Sandra Nauman, Child Care Worker
Dr. Roger Ochse,Professor
Dr. Steve Parker, Professor
Kathleen Schneider, Director of RSVP
Gloria Spitler, Custodial Worker
Ardean Wessel, Assistant to the President



Lorenzo Bettelyoun, Assistant Professor
Ben Dar, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
David Diamond, Assistant Professor
Dr. Charles Follette, Professor
Tim Johnston, Director of Dining Services
Donna Kloppel, Comptroller
Robert Nuttbrock, Custodial Worker
Roland Rosedahl, Custodial Worker
Dr. R D Theisz, Professor



Janet Bettelyoun - Custodial Worker, Facilities Services

Kay Kerney - Senior Secretary, College of Arts & Sciences

Randi Ellis - Associate Professor, College of Business & Technology

Dr. Brent Carper - Professor,  College of Business & Technology



Dr. Thomas Cox, Professor of Psychology

Judy Learing, Custodial Worker

Dr. Janeen Larsen, Professor of Music/Chair of Department of Fine & Applied Arts

Dr. Dean Myers, Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs

Karen Stacy - Librarian

Edit 2011

Daniel Adams, Equipment Service Worker
Christine Coolidge, Program Assistant I
Nancy Hall, Dean of the College of Education
George McIntyre, Custodial Services Supervisor
Dr. Roger Miller, Associate Professor of Geography
Ron Reede, Groundskeeper
Barbara Ridgway, Office Supervisor
Hanna Swarts, Lead Mail Processor
Jerry Swarts, Director of Institutional Support Services
Dr. Doug Wessel, Professor of Psychology


Edit 2012
Verona Beguin, Assistant Professor
Ron Ehly, Storekeeper
Jim Knutson, Professor
Karen Mortimer, Instructor/Teaching & Learning Specialist
Kristi Pearce, Associate Vice President-Academic Affairs
Sandy Schamber, Associate Professor
Karen Sorensen, Senior Secretary
Ginny Sunding, Senior Secretary
Carol Thomas, Coordinator-Student Services