Marketing and Communications
The Marketing and Communications office serves the BHSU community through creative services, including Public Relations, Graphic Design, Photography, News, Web, and Print Publications.

Project request form:

Please use this for all project requests and group projects when possible, (ie. for an upcoming concert use one project request and note posters, a program, a news release is needed rather than use using separate request forms for each item). The form goes to Kristen Kilmer who serves as project manager.

News releases are sent to the media when they are added to our news page: You can always check that if you are wondering about a release. If you are not satisfied with the newspaper’s coverage, feel free to contact them (just let us know). Sometimes that extra push can make all the difference.

Also we’ve added a webpage “BHSU in the News” which summarizes our media coverage and provides links to specific media mentions.

If you or someone in your area needs access to the Campus Calendar, please contact Ryan Shippy. We’d like to see all campus events added to the calendar. You can also submit your events to go on the campus calendar using this online form.

We have an added emphasis on social media since we know our students communicate that way. We are now using social media Merit pages with news releases about student accomplishments. News about students is sent in an email to the student with a link to the social media site as well as to the students’ hometown newspaper. Students can (and do) send the announcements to their parents and friends. We’ve gotten some excellent feedback about accomplishment news that gets a lot of attention online.

We also post regularly to social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), update the video boards throughout campus, and provide event details to organizations throughout the region and state (calendars on other sites, city newsletter, chamber of commerce sites, state tourism calendar).