Visual Identity Standards

BHSU Visual Indentity Standards

This Visual Identity Standard Standards provides the campus with comprehensive guidelines on how Black Hills State University represents itself in printed publications as well as on the web and other multimedia formats.
The official logo provides a visual representation of Black Hills State University. Consistent usage creates a strong visual identity that builds recognition for the university and strengthens our image in the community, state, and region. A strong visual identity is the foundation for successful recruiting, fund raising, and marketing. It’s important that we send a positive message that identifies BHSU as a high-quality educational institution.

The intention of the standards is not to have all visual communication be identical, but to share visual elements that identify them as coming from BHSU. By defining the framework by which visual communications are created, some design options are limited but ample room for creativity remains.

No document can anticipate all possible circumstances and situations that may arise. We will continue to evaluate, expand, and revise the content and scope of the policy as needed. 

  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Photography
  • Advertisements/Press Releases
  • Displays, Exhibits & Signage
  • Business Cards/Stationary