Visual Identity Standards - Mascot "Sting"

Sting, the Yellow Jacket mascot may be used in addition to but not as a replacement for the official logo on most publications. Specific departments, primarily athletics, alumni, and student organizations, may chose to use the mascot rather than the logo. When only the mascot is used the words Black Hills State University must be prominently displayed on the publication. Other departments and organizations may use the mascot in conjunction with the official logo.

The Yellow Jacket should not be changed or altered without seeking approval of minor modifications from Michael Jastorff, University Bookstore 605.642.6279. 

Merchandising and t-shirts

All t-shirts or other materials should include the BHSU logo. The logo can be used on the sleeve if it doesn’t work well with the design. For specific merchandising issues please contact Mike Jastorff, bookstore manager, at 605.642.6279.

Download Official BHSU Logos.