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How to Hyperlink to a File

This article will explain how to add a hyperlink. Hyperlinks make your site easier to use and are important for your audience.

If you are having difficulties or need any further clarification, please contact for assistance. Below you will find the written instructions, a printable file for your convenience and you can watch a short video as well.

To link to a file.

  1. Insert the desired content in the Rich Text Editor.
  2. Highlight the word(s) that you want to be hyperlinked.
  3. Click the Hyperlink button in the Text Editor Toolbar.Highlight a word or phrase

  4.  In the Link window, click Browse Server.
  5. On the FCKeditor Link Gallery window, select the File radio button under Link Type.
  6. Click on the dropdown box File Name: and select the desired file you want to link to.
  7. Click the Use selected link at the bottom left of the window.
  8. You will then be directed back to the Link window. Click OK. The link now will be able to take you to the desired file.


 Do you want to print out the instructions? Download the printable version of How to Add a Hyperlink.

 Watch a video on linking to a file.


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