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How to Delete and Recover a Module

 How to delete and recover a deleted module.

1. Hover the mouse over the Module Actions Menu, and scroll down to the Delete menu item and left click.

2. Click OK to confirm Delete of the Module.

NOTE: The Recycle Bin is where Modules (and Pages) go when you Delete them. They can be recovered from the recycle bin until you empty it. Recovering a deleted module is very similar to recovering a deleted page.

3. To recover the deleted module, scroll over Admin menu and select Recycle Bin menu item.

4. Select the Module you would like to restore.The list contains all the modules that you have deleted since the last time you emptied the Recycle Bin.

5. Click Restore button. Your Module will be removed from the Recycle Bin list of modules and placed on its original Page.

Do you want to print out the instructions? Download the printable version of How to Delete and Recover a module.

Watch the video below on how to delete and recover a module.

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