Sharing in BHSU pride. Public Relations

When you need to share information about great things happening in your department, the Public Relations team is here for you. Ensuring that we communicate how our students and employees transform lives is at the heart of Marketing and Communications. To that end we are constantly looking for information about what is happening at BHSU and what the BHSU community is doing.

So how can we help you get the word out?
There are several services that we offer to the university including: creating press releases, event promotion, and creating advertising campaigns that span all forms of media.

What kind of information are we looking for?
We are searching for all kinds of information. Examples include – upcoming events that a BHSU entity is hosting, upcoming events that BHSU individuals are going to be attending or sponsoring, new research and publications by the BHSU community, examples of how we serve in the community, stories of success, and more.

So where does all this information go?
There are several venues in which we share information – some areas include a formal press release to area news aggregates, inclusion on the BHSU website and the campus calendar, news on social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, and for events sharing that information on other websites in the community.

So this sounds like news, but what if you want an ad created?
We do that as well. Contact us about the ad you would like to create. We will need to know a few bits of information before we can get started, but an email or a phone call 605.642.6215 is the first step.