• Complete Certification Process Within Thirty Days: "Time and Effort will be certified monthly", per the South Dakota Board of Regents' Effort Certification policy. Make a habit of accessing the effort reports on the first day of each month, then complete the certification process within thirty days.  
  • View Employee Reports in "Review and Certify Reports" View: The "Review and Certify Reports" view requires the use of the search feature. In this view, you search for all effort reports for employees, other than yourself, for whom you are a member of the routing queue. This view will NOT display your own effort report. To view your own effort report, you must access the "Certify My Effort" view. Remember to access effort reports the first of each month and to complete the certification process within thirty (30) days.  
  • View Your Own Report in "Certify My Effort" View: The "Certify My Effort" view displays automatically when you log into Effort Certification. A list of your own effort reports will be displayed, if any exist. The search feature is NOT available in this view. Remember to make a habit of accessing effort reports the first of each month and completing the certification process within thirty (30) days.  
  • View the Entire FOAPAL in Monthly View Drill-Down: Drill down to the Monthly View screen to see the entire FOAPAL and VERIFY the Fund, Organization, Account, Program, Activity, and Location before certifying the report. This is a drill down view from the Pay Period Summary view. This is the only view that displays the entire FOAPAL.  
  • Check for Pending Reports (Unreviewed or Uncertified): When you search on State = Unlocked, you will see all "pending" effort reports (Status = Under Review, or Status = Awaiting Certification) except: 1) your own reports, which can only be viewed from the Certify My Effort view/link; 2) those reports that are "on hold" (State = Changes Submitted); 3) an issue with the advanced search feature if the search exceeds the system-wide limit (this issue is not yet completely understood). Certified effort reports will be locked in a timely manner, usually within thirty (30) days of certification. There may be some certified reports displayed if they were recently certified and have not yet been locked. Remember that it is possible to process changes to a previously reviewed and/or certified report, as long as it is unlocked. These changes then create the need for review and certification to be completed again. See also Request Changes / PHAREDS. For more information on search criteria, please refer to the training guide.  
  • Always Check Existing Comments: Always check the Comments view / link to see if anyone has entered important information regarding the effort report.  
  • Always Check the Routing Queue: Always check the routing queue view / link when working on effort reports to see who is affected by your actions and/or to contact another routing queue member as needed (i.e., to let the employee know you have completed your review and they can proceed to certify the report).  
  • Use Copy and Paste Command to Duplicate Comments: You can use the copy and paste command to enter the same comment on multiple effort reports, if needed. You can create the comment in a Word Document and save it for copy / paste later. You can also type it in the Comments box, and select it for copy before saving the Comment.


  • Ignore These Buttons and Features: Ignore the following features or buttons: Labor Redistribution Tab / Module; Add New Funding button; Changes Saved search criteria; and, Returned for Correction search criteria. These items are designed for use with the Labor Redistribution Module which is not being implemented at this time.

  • Never Use the Add Member Feature: Contact Sponsored Programs if changes are needed to the Routing Queue for existing effort reports and/or the setup for future effort reports. Do NOT Click on the "Add Member" button to add your own routing queue members.  
  • Only Principal Investigators Can Assign a Proxy: Only Principal Investigators (PIs) can assign someone to act as their Proxy for effort certification. To assign a Proxy, first complete a Proxy Form. Then, use the Proxy view / link to add the Proxy in Effort Certification. The Proxy Form will be completed by the Sponsored Programs office with specifications given by the PI. The form will then be sent to the PI for signature(s) and return to be filed centrally in the Sponsored Programs Office.  
  • Request Changes / PHAREDS: Sends Effort Report Back to Beginning: The processing of payroll corrections causes the effort report to "begin over"; erasing all previously completed actions without giving notice to the Routing Queue members. It also creates a new Routing Queue, which might be changed from the original, depending on the circumstances. The report does not contain a record of who requested the correction, or what information the report contained prior to the report being updated. Changes are posted to the report immediately after the Update Report button is clicked. The report status will be "Awaiting Refresh" if a correction has been processed, and before the Update button is clicked.


  • Search on State or Status Field Causes Error: With the latest upgrade, an error message may occur if a search is performed on either the "State" or "Status" field if used in conjunction with the COA and Effort Period Code fields. If the "State" or "Status" is placed before or in between the COA and Effort Period Code, the search performs successfully. Some valid options are listed below. Please contact this office with any questions.

        State = UNLOCKED, Chart of Account Code = S, Effort Period Code = MN0114


        Status = UNDER_REVIEW, Chart of Account Code = S, Effort Period Code = MN0114


        Effort Period Code = MN0114, State = UNLOCKED, Status = AWAITING_CERTIFICATION, Chart of Account Code = S


  • System-Wide Limit on Searches: Due to the system-wide limit on searches, which is not yet completely understood, it may be possible that when using advanced search criteria, the system will not return all of the expected results. It is recommended that you run separate searches using various search criteria to help eliminate that possibility. Searching ONLY on Chart of Accounts (COA) = "S" will no longer display all effort reports for your queue. To view reports by month, search using both the COA and the Effort Period Code fields: (COA = S, and Effort Period Code = MN0511 or MN0611, etc.).  
  • Add Comment Button Might Not Display: Sometimes the Add Comment button does not appear at the bottom of the page while in the Comments view / link. To enter a comment, go to the "More Actions" button at the top of the page and click on the down arrow to choose "Add Comment".  
  • Paper Effort Reports (NZREDST) Unavailable, (NHREDST) Available: Beginning with April 2011, the system was unable to generate the paper effort reports (NZREDST) that were used prior to implementation of electronic Effort Certification. Occasionally, these reports are needed in place of, or in addition to, the electronic reports. The NHREDST (Employee Distributions Report) is now used in place of the NZREDST report. Sponsored Programs will run these reports for PIs only as needed, or as requested.  
  • Date and Time Discrepancy--East River Versus West River: When viewing the Effort Report Overview Dates, please note the dates that appear only apply to East River Campuses. The dates for West River campuses are one day later. Using the print screen below as an example, you would not be able to review and certify the report on June 28. Instead, your begin date for review and certify would be June 29.

    Report Overview Dates