BHSU Web Editing Tutorials

Welcome to the Black Hills State University STF Web Tutorials page. Below you will find video tutorials that will show you everything that you need to know to begin editing  BHSU Website pages. Tutorials start with basic concepts such as logging in to the website and becoming familiar the editing interface. 

If you already feel like you have a good grasp of the basics, feel free to start on the more advanced tutorials. If you feel like these tutorials are insufficient or if you have any questions, feel free to ask the other STF's or Gus

We recommend watching these videos in full-screen mode. After you click Play, click the square box in the lower-right corner of the video to enter full-screen mode. Full-screen video might appear blurry at first, but usually it becomes clear in about 10 seconds. Press the ESC key to exit full-screen mode.


Begin your journey through the wonderful world of the BHSU website with your host, Sam. In this tutorial video, Sam will guide you through the basics you need to know before working on web pages. Some things you will learn include: how to log in, how to navigate the persona bar, and how to enter edit mode. If this is information you already know, feel free to skip to the next video! You might hurt Sam's feelings a bit though.

We recommend bookmarking the Editor login link:

Basic Editing

Here's another video of Sam talking about more stuff and things. In this video, the stuff that he'll be talking about is basic editing of the website. Some information that is included in this video are how to link something as well as how to edit text. Wow!

Basics of Tabs

Hold on to your hats because Sam is back and he's going to teach you all about tabs! In this tutorial video, your new friend, Sam, will teach you how to add a tabs module, how to add content to your tabs module, and how to lay out your tabs vertically! This video will leave you wondering, "Is there anything Sam cannot do?!"

Reverting Pages

I bet you didn't see this coming! It's another video from your dear pal, Sam! In this video, he'll will teach you how to revert pages back to older versions and view page history!

Basics of Links

Need to work with links but have no idea how? Have no fear, Ray is here! In this video, Ray will teach you all you need to know about adding, editing, and deleting links.

Forms (Beginner Level)

Here's a video on basic forms that we've all been waiting for! In this video, Karli will explain how to adjust the settings on a form, how to add fields to the form, how to add a submit button to the form, and how to send form responses via email.

Reference Documentation Link (helps get a sense of what each option is about)

Forms (Advanced Level)

Forms are a little more complex than other aspects of the website, so it's a good thing we have Karli to teach us how! In this tutorial video, Karli will teach you how to add a form, edit form settings, add/edit questions, edit the layout of the form, and add/edit question events.

Basics of Modules

Sam is back to teach you something new! He's got all the information on modules so press play so he can tell you all about them! In this tutorial, he will go through how to add a module, how to place a module, and how to edit content in a module. That's some cool stuff right there!


Did you know descriptions are all the "RAY"ge!? That's right! And if you want to learn about descriptions, Ray is the guy to call. In this tutorial, he'll teach you how to add descriptions to a page.

Uploading Assets

Need to upload all the assets? We got people to help you learn how! In this tutorial, Kasey will teach you how to find assets as well as how to upload assets to the BHSU website.

Basics of Images

Have you ever been looking through the BHSU website and come across a really cool picture? Have you ever wondered how it got there? Of course, everyone has! Well, now you can learn how! In this tutorial, Allie will teach you how to add an image, how to crop an image, how to rotate an image, and how to add an image between text.

Basics of HTML (Intermediate Level)

Wow! It's time to learn about the HT to the ML! In this tutorial, Karli will teach you how to add headers, how to add paragraphs, and how to link text to other websites or email addresses.

Asset Navigation

Are you trying to find an asset, but have no idea where or how to find it? Well then we have a video for you! In this tutorial, Kasey will teach you how to find assets, like pictures and PDFs, in the asset pane.

Basics of Layout (Intermediate Level)

It's an exciting time for you because you get to learn about layout now! Kasey will teach you all about understanding that layout! In this tutorial, you will learn how to edit some page settings, how to move modules, and how to interpret the layout of the pages. 

In addition to the method described in this video, you can also drag-and-drop modules from one layout box to another.

Form Attachment File Upload

Learn how to add a form field that can upload documents.

Contact Visualizer

Learn how to add a contact visualizer to a page.

Directory Tables

Learn how to add and remove Faculty and Staff from directory tables

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