Loss Control Policy for BHSU.

The Campus Safety and Facility Committees advises the Vice President of Finance & Administration about current conditions of and any proposed changes in the following matters: campus building and grounds, safety and handicapped accessibility, campus design and appearance. The committee consists of the following members: Two Faculty Members, Deans’ Council Representative, Student Senate Representative, Dean of Students & Judicial Officer, Director of Facilities Services, Director of Student Services, Coordinator of Disability Services, CSA Representative, Faculty Senate Representative, and Director of Public Safety.

As part of the Bureau of Administration, the Office of Risk Management focuses on protecting the state’s assets and resources by identifying exposures to loss and providing alternative methods to finance, transfer, reduce, or eliminate those losses. The office provides the following services: developing safety and loss control programs, conducting loss control audits, educating through seminars and assistance information, and negotiating insurance coverage.

Managed by the state risk manager, the Public Entity Pool for Liability (PEPL) Fund is a funded self-insurance program, which provides coverage for general liability, law enforcement liability, public official’s errors and omissions liability, automobile liability, and some medical malpractice liability. The coverage extends to all current and former employees and elected and appointed officers of the state and applies to any accident, act, error, omission, or event during the coverage period, which results in damages and arises within the scope of the employee’s duties for the state.

There are, however, limits to the state’s coverage. For example, the state does not pay for injuries covered by other insurance; does not pay when agencies or employees are not legally responsible to prevent accidents; does not cover liability arising out of the employee’s willful and wanton misconduct including but not limited to reckless disregard for the safety of others and intentional disregard of a duty under laws, rules, policies, or regulations the employee is governed by; and maintains a limit of $1,000,000 per occurrence. The PEPL Fund coverage document is available in the Business Office for review.

When state employees are driving state vehicles on state business, they are covered by workers’ compensation. Non-state employees who are on official business for the state are covered by automobile liability through the PEPL fund. Belongings in the vehicle are not insured by the state. When employees use their personal vehicles, their automobile insurance policy provides coverage for physical damage, loss, or liability. Both the workers’ compensation and personal property coverage are the same as when operating a state vehicle. In situations where the loss exceeds personal policy limits, the state will cover the excess liability under certain terms of the PEPL agreement.

State employees are expected to promptly and properly report accidents, incidents, unsafe conditions, as well as claims made against the State of South Dakota. All accidents involving a fatality, serious bodily injury, or serious property damage should immediately be reported to BHSU Director of  Public Safety 641.1344 and Claims Associates, Inc., the state’s claims adjusting service, at their 24-hour emergency number, 1-888-430-2249. All accident reporting information is located in the glove compartment or other convenient place in every state vehicle. 

Each State of SD agency is required to appoint a risk management contact who serves as a liaison between the institution and the State Office of Risk Management. The Vice President of Finance & Administration serves as the campus risk management officer for BHSU.