You may receive a message with the subject "Undeliverable: <original subject line>" when sending an email to a BHSU faculty or staff member through your BHSU Yellowjackets account. This message contains the following text:

Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:
Lastname, Firstname
The e-mail address you entered couldn't be found. Please check the recipient's e-mail address and try to resend the message. If the problem continues, please contact your helpdesk.

. . .

From: "Name, Your" <>
To: "Lastname, Firstname"

If the undeliverable message you received contains the text shown above, the original message was sent to an address that was likely selected from your autocomplete cache. Some of the addresses in your autocomplete cache may point to contacts from the old student email system that no longer exist. 

To ensure that your message is sent to the correct address, follow the steps listed below.

  1. When composing a new message, click the "To..." link.
  2. Search for the faculty or staff member in the address book.
  3. Double-click on the name of the faculty or staff member to add the address to the recipients field

If you wish to remove items from your autocomplete cache, follow the steps listed below. If you only have a few addresses stored in the cache, you can delete the entries individually.

  1. Log on to your BHSU email by following the link on the website (
  2. Create a new email message.
  3. Begin typing the names of the entries you wish to delete. 
  4. When the autocomplete list appears, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to highlight a name. 
  5. While the name is highlighted, press the delete (not backspace) button on your keyboard to remove the entry.

If you have many addresses in your autocomplete cache, you can delete them all at once through the "light" interface of the Outlook Web App.

  1. Log on to your BHSU email by following the link on the website (
  2. In the upper-right corner, find and click Options -> See All Options.
  3. Click Settings in the left panel.
  4. Click the General tab.
  5. Under the Accessibility section, check the box for Use the blind and low vision experience and click Save (lower-right corner).
  6. Sign out of your email and close all browser windows.
  7. Log on to your BHSU email. You should now see a different inbox layout.
  8. In the upper-right corner, click Options.
  9. If it is not already selected, click Messaging in the left panel.
  10. Scroll down to the section labeled E-Mail Name Resolution, click Clear Most Recent Recipients list…, and confirm the action.
  11. Click Accessibility in the left panel, uncheck  Use the blind and low vision experience, and click Save (upper-left).
  12. Sign out of your email and close the browser.

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