If you encounter an error or have a problem in the labs or library, be sure to log out using the Start Menu before switching to another computer or logging back in. If you are not logged out properly, the remote session that has the error stays active, and you will continue to reconnect to the same session.

The remote session will remain active if you:

  • log in using a different machine while the other machine is "frozen."

  • power off the machine without logging out using the Start Menu.

  • use the Ctrl+Alt+Del menu to log off, reboot, or shutdown the machine.

If a session remains active for one of the reasons listed above and you cannot reach the Start Menu to log out, you can call the HelpDesk and a staff member will manually terminate the session. If the session is not manually terminated, it will automatically terminate after 7 minutes if you do not log back in to any thin clients during that time. The 7 minute timer will reset every time a user attempts to log in.

For more information about how the thin clients work, please see our FAQ: What is a "thin client"?

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