The computer labs in Jonas 201, Jonas 205, and the Library all use "thin clients." The most important distinction between thin clients and a regular laptop or desktop is that nothing you use is stored on the thin client--not even Windows. The thin client only runs a piece of software that connects you to a remote virtual computer.

The differencebetween a thin client and a regular computer can be illustrated by a customerservice scenario. Imagine that you purchased a defective product. Your twooptions are to (A) return the item to the store or (B) call a customer servicehotline. Returning the item to the store is like using a regular desktop; youdeal directly with a customer service representative, and know the rep’s name,what he looks like, etc.

Calling a customer service hotline is like using a thin client, and the thin client is the phone. Though you always use the same phone, you may be connected to any one of hundreds of support reps each time you call. If you are connected to a rude employee, you can simply hang up and call back. The thin clients operate much the same. If you are logged in and have problems, simply logging out and logging back in will connect you to a different computer. 

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