To Access and set up your Voicemail:

1.      Press Message or Press and Hold the #1 key. 
2.      Follow the voice prompts 
To See if you have a new voice message:
Look at your phone for a) red blinking light, b) the text “You have voicemail” or c) a flashing envelope icon next to your line/extension
To listen to your new messages:
  1. Press Message or Press and Hold down the #1 key
  2. Enter your voicemail password
  3. Follow the voice instructions
Place a call: 

  1. Dial the Phone #
  2. Press the Green Send button
Answering a Call:
Press and release the Green Send button to connect to the incoming caller

Ending a Call:
Press the Red End button

Using the Speaker Phone

  1. Press the Speaker button on the upper right side of the phone either before or during an active call. Note: The Speaker icon appears in the display.

  2. Press the Speaker button a second time to toggle back to the handset
Redialing a Number
Press the Green Send button twice or choose Options>Redial

Put a call on Hold

  1. Make sure the call that you want to place on hold is highlighted
  2. Choose Hold
Return to a held call

  1. Make sure the appropriate call is highlighted
  2. Press Resume
Using Mute
To toggle the mute function, press the microphone button on the left side of the phone

Transferring Calls
            Blind Transfer (unsupervised)

1.      From an active call, choose Options >Trnsfer
2.      Dial the target number. 
3.      Choose Options > Trnsfer again to complete the transfer or EndCall to cancel.
Consultative Transfer (supervised)
  1. From an active call, choose Options >Trnsfer
  2. Dial the target number. 
  3. Wait for the transfer recipient to answer your call
  4. Choose Options > Trnsfer again to complete the transfer or EndCall to cancel.
Forwarding all calls to another extension:
1.      Choose Options > CFwdAll
2.      Enter a target phone number.
(TO CANCEL: Choose Options> CFwdAll)
Parking a call
1. During a call, choose Options > Park
2.  Note the call park number that displays on your phone screen.
3.  Press the Red End Button
Retrieving a Parked Call
Enter the Call Park Number from any Cisco IP Phone (1260 – 1270)

To Change the Ring Tone on your phone:
  1. Choose (Settings) > PhoneSettings >Sound Settings
  2. Select Ring Tone > Current     Settings.
  3. Press View to see the current line settings.
  4. Select a line. Note: You can make a selection by pressing the number key for the item, the button, or the Change soft key. 
  5. Scroll to a ring tone in the list and press Play to hear a sample of the ring.
  6. Press the select button (in the middle of the navigation button) and a new icon appears next to the chosen ring. 
  7. Choose Options > Save to make the change or Options > Cancel
To View/Dial within your Call Logs:
  1. Press the up arrow on the navigation button (Directory)
  2. Choose Missed, Received or Placed Calls
  3. Scroll to a call record
  4. Press Dial or the Green Send button

Do you want to print out the instructions? Download the printable version of Quick Reference Guide 7925

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