Connect to the following URL via the Web:
Select “Continue to this Web Site…not recommended”
Log in with your AD User Name and Password

To Set up a Personal Address Directory
  • Go under “User Options” and select “Personal Address Directory”.
  • Select “Add New”
  • Enter First Name, Last Name, Nick Name, e-mail, Home Phone, Work Phone, Mobile Phone. (Nick Name is mandatory).
  • Hit Save
To access a Personal Address Directory Number that has been programmed via the Web:
  • Go to your phone and depress the Directories Key.
  • Select  “Personal Directory” (#4)
  • Under “User ID”, enter your AD ID 
  • Under “PIN”, enter “147258” (first time logging in.) We recommend changing the PIN. (Go under “User Options” and choose “User Settings” to change your PIN.)
  • Then select “Personal Address Book” (#1)
  • Either Search by entering the first few characters of the First Name, Last Name or Nickname (or you can simply hit “Submit” for all PAD entries) and hit “Submit” and all entries matching your criteria under that Personal Address entry will display.  Highlight and select.   It will display all the phone numbers you entered under the Personal Address Directory for that name (I.E. Home Phone, Work Phone, Mobile Phone). Highlight the entry you wish to call and simple hit “Dial” or pick up the phone.
Or Again, you can simple hit “Submit’ then all entries will come up. Highlight and Hit “Select” and it will show you all the numbers (I.E. home, work, mobile) under that entry. Either hit “Dial” or pick up the phone and the number will dial automatically.

Do you want to print out instructions? Download a printable version of Using Your IP Phone.

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