Connect to the following URL via the Web:
Select “Continue to this Web Site…not recommended”

Log in with your AD User Name and Password
To set up a Speed Dial and/or an Abbreviated Dial Number
(For Speed Dials you are limited by the number of vacant buttons on your phone. For Abbreviated Dials you can have up to “99”. When you set up a Speed Dial, you need to notify your System Admin person (Josh) so that he can change a template.)
  • Go under Users Options and Select “Device” (This is for both Speed Dials and Abbreviated Dials.)
  • Click on “Speed Dial”
To set up a Speed Dial (Hard Button on your phone)
  • You will see a heading “Speed Dial Settings” (This will show the available hard buttons that you.)
  • Under “Number” enter the phone number with no spaces.   (You must enter a “9” if you’re programming an outside number. You must enter “9” plus “1” if it’s a long distance number.) 
  • Under “Label”, enter the name of your Speed Dial.
  • Hit “Save”

Numbers that are set up as Speed Dial Buttons on your phone automatically become an abbreviated Dial Button. I.E. if you have (4) hard buttons programmed as Speed Dials, those (4) automatically become your first (4) Abbreviated Dial Numbers. Therefore under the “Abbreviated Dial Settings” which is below the Speed Dial Setting, the Abbreviated Dials would start numbering with (5).

Do you want to print out instructions? Download a printable version of Using Your IP Phone.

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