To Answer a Call

  •  Lift Handset, Press Speaker or Line
To Place a Call
  • Lift Handset or Press Speaker Button, Dial extension or 9 + Number
To Place a Call on Hold
  • While on a call, Press Hold (soft key) To retrieve call, press Resume
To Transfer a Caller
  • Press Transf softkey
  • Dial number  (Announce the call)
  • Press Transf softkey or Hang up.
To Create a Conference Call (up to 8 participants)
  • Press More softkey to get to additional features
  • Press Confrn
  • Dial Number and announce conference call
  • Press Confrn
To Park a Call (while on a call)
  • Press More softkey to get to additional features
  • Press Park (Note Park number on display) ( Park Range: 1260 - 1270 )
To Retrieve Parked Call
  • Lift handset and dial displayed Park Code
Call Pickup
  • Lift handset and Press More softkey to get to additional features
  • Press Pickup Softkey
  • Press Answer                  
Call Forward
  • Press CfwdAll softkey
  • Press Messages (to voicemail) or enter an extension or 9+ Number if allowed
Change Phone Settings
  • Press the Setting Button
  • Select User Preferences
    • Select Contrast (up or down and OK)
    • Select Ring Type (Default ring, select and OK)

Send an Incoming Call to Voicemail
  • Press iDivert while call is ringing
To Set Up Mailbox
  • Press Messages Button
  • Enter Default Password (147258) followed by #
  • Follow voice prompts to record Name and Greeting
  • Change Password
To Access Voicemail
  • Press Messages Button
  • Enter Password
During Message 
1 Restart
2 Save
3 Delete
4 Slow Playback
5 Change Volume
6 Fast Playback
7 Rewind (5 Sec increments)
8 Pause/Resume
9 Fast Forward (5 Sec increments)
After Message
1 Replay
2 Save
3 Delete
4 Reply
5 Forward Message
6 Save as New
7 Rewind (5 sec)
9 Play Summary
To Leave a Message in Voicemail
  • Press *, Dial extension
  • To by-pass Greeting, Press #.
To Skip a Message in Voicemail
  • Press “#” to skip a message in your Voice-mail
To Transfer a Caller Directly Into Voicemail
  • Press Transf softkey
  • Dial *, then extension number
  • Press Transf softkey or hang up
To Access Your Mailbox Remotely
  • Dial your Direct Dial Number, when greeting starts, press * then enter your ID (Extension number)
    followed by # and Password followed by #.  

 Want to print out the instructions? Download a printable version of Quick Reference Guide 7945_7965

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