The major duty and  responsibility of an STF is to assist faculty in integrating technology into their course delivery.

This may include:

  • Working as a member of a design team to develop an entire curriculum
  • Working with individual faculty members to develop collaborative curriculum across disciplines
  • Working with individual faculty members to develop materials for a specific course
  • Developing graphics, animations and simulation software for use on the Web or as a stand-alone CD or DVD
  • Designing web sites for on-line instruction and Internet enhanced courses
  • Developing special interactive elements for Web-based courses and course supplement materials
  • Providing group and individual instruction to faculty on using specific software, web page design, basic computer files management, and basic techniques such as scanning a picture, editing a graphic image, or performing specialized web searches
  • Introducing new applications and new technology tools to faculty
  • Offering suggestions for innovative ways to integrate technology into learning environments
  • Suggesting ways in which technology tools might be used in a given subject area
  • Video capture and editing
  • Developing faculty and departmental websites

Student Technology Fellows will not be doing:

  • Word processing for tests, course handouts, syllabi, and similar routine keyboarding functions
  • Entering information or data in any form
  • Preparing presentations for professional meetings, seminars, conferences or the like
  • Entering management data in spreadsheets or databases
  • Performing clerical functions for faculty or staff member

For More Information
Contact Terry Hupp at or 605.642.6038.

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