If you have entered your information to Login Help and it is not showing your usernames and passwords, please try some of these solutions:

  1. Are you a currently enrolled student for the current semester?
    1. If your answer is no, a Login Help page has not been set up for you.
    2. If your answer is yes, when did you register? Please keep in mind, it takes 24 hours before information is uploaded into the system. If it has been more than 24 hours, please contact the BHSU Help Desk at 605.642.6580 or BHSUHelpDesk@bhsu.edu.  
  2.  Please be sure you are entering the correct information for your birthday. Remember that you must put in the year of birth as a 4 digit number (ex/ 1988). 
  3. Try deleting your browser history and try again.

If you are still having problems, please contact the BHSU Help Desk at 605.642.6580 or BHSUHelpDesk@BHSU.edu. Be ready to provide them with the information you are using for Login Help so that they can verfify.

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