Mozy provides a secure and reliable solution to back up, sync, and access your files from anywhere.  The BHSU Help Desk can now offer this service on a cost-recovery basis for university computers.

With this backup software, files from your Windows or Mac computer, such as email, contact lists, photos, and documents are encrypted and then securely sent to the cloud. Mozy only backs up files which are present on your computer; if you delete files from your computer, they are also deleted from the backup set after a grace period.

Mozy ensures that copies of your files are kept safe and available to you. It is not a file archiving service; it cannot permanently keep files you delete from your computer. Nor can it restore an entire computer, including installed programs, to a working state; but with it, the BHSU Help Desk can help you get your files back--and get you back to work.

Backups are an essential part of ensuring a healthy IT environment. The Help Desk does everything we can to avoid data loss, but we can’t always predict or prevent drive crashes, virus, theft, damage, --or human error--and data can be lost. Mozy is one way to help recover from this disaster. Thank you for taking the responsibility to protect your data.

These guides are for Mozy account users. If you are interested in becoming a Mozy User, contact the help desk for information. If you need more help, refer to the online documentation at

Mozy Install Instructions: 
For Mac 
For Windows 

Mozy Restore and Recover Instructions

If you have any questions, or would like us to install Mozy on your computer, please contact the BHSU Help Desk at 605.642.6580 or Or submit an online Request Help Form.  

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