If you want to send attached files using MS Outlook, please follow these instructions:

  1. After you have typed a new message and entered their email address into the To section, select the paperclip icon from the toolbar across the top of the New Message screen.
  2. The Attach Files Webpage Dialog box will open and you will select Browse to choose a file.
  3. Select the file you wish to attach and click Open.
  4. The Attach Files Webpage Dialog box will reappear and you will need to select Attach at the bottom right hand part of the dialog box.
  5. If you file has been attached successfully, a new field under the message Subject will appear showing your attached file.

Or you can send them directly from your Microsoft Office program...

  1. Open the document in your office program
    1. Click File
    2. Click Send
      (To select more than one file, click on the first file hold down the Ctrl button on the keyboard and click and release on the additional file or files).
  2. If your e-mail program is open after a few seconds a message will appear.
  3. If your e-mail program is not open, it will first prompt you for a profile.
    1. Click Ok to the profile message
    2. Type your password if prompt
    3. A new message will now appear
  4. Complete the message information and then send the message.

If you have any questions, please contact the BHSU Help Desk at 605.642.6580 or BHSUHelpDesk@BHSU.edu. Or submit an online Request Help Form.

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