Black Hills State University offers access to your OneDrive files from any computer with an internet connection, on or off campus! The OneDrive provides access to files to both faculty and students. An OneDrive folder is given per the request of your faculty and is limited to class use.

Reminder: Login with your new username and password. Students email format is and faculty email format is

To access the OneDrive or MacShare, please click on the corresponding link.

LOGIN: Windows OneDrive Secure Access over HTTPS (Internet Explorer Only)

LOGIN: MacShare Secure Access over HTTPS (Internet Explorer Only)

To login, type in your Black Hills State University email address and password, then click "OK". You are now logged on. Get your login information.

Problems or Questions?

  • On and Off Campus OneDrive/MacShare FAQs
    • Adding and editing files works just as it does from any university computer, except, that it is web based and files are not accessed through "My Computer". However, if you are accessing the files from off campus, it is highly recommended that you copy the file to your computer, modify it as needed and copy it back to your folder on the OneDrive. Simply drag and drop the item from your computer to the folder. Doing so will reduce the risk of any problems or loss of data that may occur if you encounter technical problems.
  • On Campus...
    • If you are accessing the OneDrive from an On-Campus computer, logging in with your BHSU Username and Password and it does not show up in My Computer, try the following.
    • Log off the machine and log back on
    • Reboot the machine
    • If it still does not show up on the computer please open Internet Explorer and go to and click the link for OneDrive Secure Access over HTTPS.
    • If you cannot save a file to your OneDrive folder, please read the following.
    • Are you sure you are saving to the correct folder?
    • If you are accessing it through the web page you must drag and drop your files from your computer to the web folder window.
    • Still having problems? Check out the FAQ. If you are still have problems, please contact the Help Desk. Be sure to include a detailed description of the problem, your full name, email address and phone number.
  • Off Campus...
    • If you are having trouble accessing the OneDrive, ask yourself these questions before going further. If you answer, No, to any of the following questions, please take the proper measures needed.
    • Do you have your username and password? You must retrieve your username and password.
    • Are you using your entire email address as your username? In some cases, such as long usernames, your username must be your email address.
    • Has your instructor requested a folder for you and/or your class? You may not even need access to the OneDrive if your instructor does not require it.
    • Are you clicking on the correct folder? Make sure you are accessing the correct folder.
    • Is your computer up to date with the latest patches and Service Packs available from Microsoft? Get the latest updates and patches from
    • Are you using Microsoft Internet Explorer as your browser? Browsers like Firefox and Netscape may not allow you to copy and paste items from your computer to the OneDrive.
    • Is your name the same as it was when you first received your OneDrive folder? Inform your instructor your name has changed and you are having OneDrive problems.
    • Are you still a student at Black Hills State University? Your account is no longer active. It will be active again when you are enrolled in classes.
  • From an Apple Computer
    Apple systems are compatible with most systems at Black Hills State University, however, they do encounter problems when accessing BHSU WebDAV folders such as OneDrive and the MacShare. Please read the following bulleted items to understand the issue.
    • On the "Finder" bar, click "Go" and select "Connect to Server..." from the drop down menu. Next, under "Server Address:" type in the following without the quotes: "" or "", you will then be prompted for your username and password. After entering your information you may be prompted to reauthenticate several times.
    • Due to the security of the folder structure, you will be asked to authenticate several more times for each folder that is opened and for each file you access, and even for no reason at all. The Apple system will also tell the user that "The user name or password you entered is not valid. Please try again." when the information is in fact correct.
    • To avoid or workaround these problems please review the following resolutions:
      • Download and install 3rd party software, Goliath downloadable from has worked successfully. Run the application, then input "" or "", without the quotes for the URL and entering your username and password to login.
      • Or... Instead of accessing it from an Apple computer, it is also recommended that your files be downloaded onto a Microsoft machine, copied onto a USB device or other media, then copy it from the media to the Apple machine. Doing the reverse to post it back to the OneDrive.

If you are still having problems, please contact the BHSU Help Desk at 605.642.6580 or

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