Who is elibigle?

Dependent undergraduate students who do not qualify in whole or in part for a Subsidized Direct Loan.

How do I apply?

BHSU will send you an award letter indicating your maximum unsubsidized Direct Loan eligibility and will provide you with instructions on how to apply -- refer to the Award Handbook. The application can be found at the Direct Loan MPN link at the top of this Student Loan tab. If questions, contact the Financial Aid Office.

Amount Available

 The combination of subsidized and unsubsidized Direct Loans cannot exceed Direct Loan limits. Refer to Award Handbook.

Cost & Fees

  • up to 1.2% fee on each loan.
  • Interest begins at time of disbursement. Students are encouraged to make interest payments while in school, however, they can let the interest capitalize making the loan an extremely higher loan.



  • Interest as of July 1, 2014 was 4.66%; new interest rates are determined each July 1, with the interest rate being fixed for the life of that loan.
  • Interest begins accruing from the date the funds are disbursed. The borrower may make the interest payment or have them capitalized. Payments may be deferred up to six months after graduation, withdrawal, or dropping below half-time enrollment. $50 minimum monthly payment; 10-year maximum repayment period.
  • Repayment with Direct Loans, depending on your servicer. Review www.nslds.ed.gov for your servicer and total borrowings of federal loans .
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