Requirements for the K-12 Science Specialist graduate endorsement are as follows:

A valid South Dakota elementary or secondary teaching certificate.
Advanced certification (possess a master’s degree and/or National Board Professional Teaching Standards [NBPTS] certification). Three years of experience teaching science in a K-12 setting.
Note: this program provides preparation as a leader in the area of K-12 science but does not change the level at which someone is certified to teach.
18 semester hours of coursework

ED 609 – Contemporary Issues in Science Education 
ED 619 – Earth and Space Science Concepts for K-12 Teachers
ED 629 – Life Science Concepts for K-12 Teachers
ED 639 – Physical Science Concepts for K-12 Teachers
ED 659 – Translating Theory Into Practice: Life Science
ED 669 – Translating Theory Into Practice: Physical Science
ED 679 – Assessment of Science Teaching and Learning
ED 749 – History, Nature and Context of Science
ED 759 – Advanced Issues: Leadership in K-12 Science

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