All claims for reimbursement of traveling expenses shall be submitted on authorized in-state or out-of-state travel payment detail form and must be itemized and stated in accordance with these regulations:



  • Details will be typed before submission to the Budget Office.
  • Incorrect payment details will be returned.
  • Each claimant must submit an individual claim for his/her travel. One claimant's travel expenses cannot be a part of another individual's claim.
  • All lodging, meals, and other travel expenses will be reimbursable by personal travel payment detail. Direct charges or billing to the University are not allowed.
  • Hotel/motel receipts must contain a the dates of nights staying, the per room rate and sales tax charged.
  • When lodging is two to a room, the receipt must show the single room rate as well as the double room rate.
  • A copy of the program or an official letter giving dates and location of the conference, seminar, workshop, etc. must be attached to the travel payment detail for Out-of-State travel.
  • Type only the individual's name on the travel payment detail. Do not supplement the name with Dr., Director, Supervisor, etc.
  • An original handwritten signature of employee submitting travel payment detail.
  • Travel Payment Details claiming reimbursement for automobile mileage must indicate the license number of the vehicle involved and the odometer readings for beginning mileage and ending mileage. When odometer readings are not provided, reimbursement for mileage will be limited by standard map mileage.
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