The date and hour of departure from and arrival at the official station and points at which temporary duty is performed must be shown on the Out-of-state travel request and the in-state travel detail  or out-of state travel detail forms. Reimbursement is from your work station or home station whichever is less mileage.  

Other points visited shall be shown on the request and travel payment detail, but the time of arrival and departure at the point need not be shown. The time of arrival at or the conveyance used by the traveler actually leaves or arrives at its regular terminal.  "Terminal" is defined as an airport, railroad station or bus depot when related to common carriers, and official or temporary duty station when private, pool, or other state-owned vehicles are used by the traveler. Two round trips to an airport will be allowable if the duration is longer than 24 hours and a commercial air terminal is over 20 miles from home station.

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