Residence Life assigns rooms based on priority (first-come first-serve basis). A student's priority date is the date Residence Life receives a student's CONTRACT and DEPOSIT. The priority system allows us to be fair in assigning rooms. We take a look at your priority of preferences (Roommate, Hall, or Smoking) and do our best to fulfill your preferences. If you did not get the hall or roommate you requested, it is due to your priority of preference and the availability of your requests.

Two important steps a student can do to increase the chance of receiving their requests:

  1. Housing information is sent out after a student has been accepted to BHSU. So, apply early to BHSU, then return the contract and deposit as soon as possible after receiving it.
  2. Priority dates for students who's roommate preference is priority one, is the date Residence Life has received both roommate contracts. So, send both contracts and deposits in together.

HINT: Residence Life's ability to accommodate room preference decreases significantly after March. Also, the deadline for Scholarship Applications is March 1st.

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