Black Hills State University is offering a variety of classes this summer. The courses cross the spectrum of general education, art classes,  computer applications, business, management, finance courses, psychology, literature, and history.

Classes are offered on the Spearfish campus as well as in Rapid City. A growing number of internet courses are also available. The first of three summer session begins May 15.

“Summer’s the perfect time to take classes from Black Hills State University. We encourage current students and interested community members to consider enrolling for a summer class,” said Dean Myers, provost and vice president of academic affairs at BHSU. He noted that students often choose to take a summer course to compliment their yearly schedule of classes or to investigate a special area of interest. Myers added that students enrolled in other universities who are planning to be in the Black Hills area for the summer should consider a summer course to supplement their regular coursework schedule.

One class of particular interest is a special topics course “The Archeology and History of Deadwood.” Known as “Digging Deadwood,” the course, taught by Dr. David Wolff, is a cooperative effort between BHSU and the state Archaeological Research Center. Wolff will give lectures and Michael Fosha of SARC will lead the digging activities.

The ten-day course, which is offered for graduate or undergraduate credit, includes evening lectures and daytime archaeology digs in the Deadwood area from May 19 through May 29. The class will include on-site tours of Deadwood, the Adams Museum, Mt. Moriah Cemetery and Bullock Grave and other locations in Deadwood.

According to Wolff, students in the course will learn basic archaeological field techniques, gain a thorough understanding of Deadwood’s past, and be able to place it in the context of Black Hills and Western history, and evaluate uncovered artifacts and determine their historical significance. To register for the Deadwood archeology and history class contact the instructor, Dr. David Wolff, at 642-6221.

Rajeev Bukralia, dean of educational outreach, says this class is a preview of future “study tour” courses that are in the process of being developed for BHSU.

“Study tours are a great option for Black Hills State University because we are located in an area so rich in history and culture. We are making plans for additional courses in the future,” Bukralia says. In addition, BHSU is developing other educational outreach programs. This summer BHSU will offer courses for people interested in obtaining the state drivers’ education endorsement.

For information on other summer classes visit www.BHSU.edu/summer. Current students can register through WebAdvisor. New students should contact 1-800-ALL-BHSU or 642-6343.  Register now, the first session begins May 12.