Black Hills State University has awarded nearly $13,000 in grants so far this school year through the Instructional Improvement and Faculty Research Committees to support on-campus activities and presentations.

The Instructional Improvement Committee funded a total of $11,925.22.  Funded projects and faculty proposals include:

  • Guest Artist Bill Russell for the Lucky Duck production, submitted by Bert Juhrend
  • Jim Stiles appearances in three classes using his book, Dr. David Cremean
  • Rendezvous with Visiting Authors, Dr. Joanna Jones
  • Improving Instruction in Art Appreciation, Drawing, Design II Color and Life Drawing by a Campus Visit from a Contemporary Artist, Dave Wilson
  • Visiting Writer, Kent Meyers
  • Improving Instruction in ED 488 – Student Teaching by Implementing Cognitive Coaching Techniques, Michelle Hovland
  • World Musical Instruments, Dr. Janeen Larsen
  • Taking the Lead in Physical Education Teacher Preparation, Dr. Betsy Silva
  • Associated Writing Programs Travel, Kent Meyers
  • Global Security Oxford Round Table Session, Dr. Sandra Marker

The remaining $665 supported “Ground Zero and Twisted Tree”, a research proposal from Kent Meyers from the Faculty Research Committee.