Black Hills State University industrial technology instructors are researching other programs and visiting with regional and state industries to enhance the industrial technology degrees offered by BHSU.

Steve Wynia and Tom Termes, BHSU’s industrial technology instructors, will visit some of the nation’s top industrial tech programs this spring. The instructors are also meeting with industries throughout the state. The visits will provide the instructors with the expertise to modify and upgrade BHSU’s Industrial Technology program.

The BHSU instructors will visit Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, Kan., and the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, Miss.  According to Termes, both of these schools are nationally recognized for their outstanding industrial technology programs.  Termes and Wynia will meet with administration and faculty at both schools, and learn about facilities, curriculum, and most importantly, the relationship between the university and industry. Termes stresses the importance of working with regional and statewide industries as this program is modified.

Termes notes that economic growth occurs best when industry and education work together, and in order for that to happen universities must be communicating with the industrial community.

“We need to understand what industry is actually doing and what their needs are. As the university builds its relationship with industries statewide it also develops awareness about how the program should be modified.  The cooperation between industry and education is a win-win situation.” Termes says. “An industrial technology degree gives students the academic education they need to advance into a management position in technology-related industries.”

The BHSU instructors have visited regional industries and will visit several industries in eastern South Dakota this spring. The visit to the eastern half of the state is especially relevant since BHSU will locate industrial technology courses in Rapid City and in Sioux Falls.

Last year, BHSU moved its Industrial Technology program to Rapid City and is committed to building a strong relationship with industries in the state and region. BHSU offers the only industrial technology program.

The industrial technology degree prepares students for construction, communication and manufacturing technology as well as technology relating to energy, power, and transportation. In addition, students can choose to specialize in computer aided drafting, multimedia communications or geographic information systems technology. The Industrial Technology at BHSU is designed to interface with the two-year programs at technical schools.

For more information contact Termes at 642-6498.