Black Hills State University now has one phone number for faculty, staff and students to use for technical assistance. In addition, technical assistance is available through email and from a link on the BHSU web page.

The number, 642-6580, will be answered during office hours by a technical representative who will assist with resolving technical problems.  If the problem cannot be resolved immediately a work request number will be recorded so someone else can address the problem.

Technical assistance is also available via this email address BHSUhelpdesk@BHSU.edu. Email inquiries, which should include a description of the problem and any relevant information including the location and contact information, will be assigned a work request number and a technical representative will review the problem. In a return e-mail, there will be a reference number and links so that you can follow-up on the problem.

A third option is to go on the web to http://iis.bhsu.edu/tss/, which provides a number of resources and answers to frequently asked technical questions (FAQ) and password resets as well as an option to “Request Help.”

“We are continuing to investigate expanded options to communicate with students, faculty, and staff. Stay tuned for more details,” Dr. Warren Wilson, CIO, says. He indicated that other options including an instant messaging (IM) option may be available in the future. If you have any questions, please contact Wilson at 642-6930.