Black Hills State University Center for the Conservation of Biological Resources (CCBR) researchers Dr. Cynthia Anderson, Dr. Garth Spellman, Carolyn Ferrell, and Dr. Shane Sarver have published an article in the journal Conservation Genetics.

The article, “Conservation Genetics of the American Dipper: The Genetic Status of a Population in Severe Decline” was co-authored with Katherine Strickler from the University of Idaho.  Research into the decline of the American dipper, a songbird associated with fast moving mountain streams, is particularly important in the Black Hills as the bird is now on the verge of extinction, according to the researchers.  The genetic information will be used to develop effective management strategies for the Black Hills population of dippers.

For more information, contact Sarver at 642-6854 or ShaneSarver@bhsu.edu.