This photo of Hot Springs is from the W.R. Cross collection, an important regional photography collection that has been donated to the BHSU Case Library.
The Leland D. Case Library for Western Historical Studies at Black Hills State University recently received an important regional photography collection of approximately 550 photographs from the William Richard (W.R.) Cross family.  The W.R. Cross collection also includes post-Civil War photographs taken by Cross’s brother Daniel and family photographs taken after his death.

W.R. Cross was one of the first professional photographers to live on the Great Plains.  In 1878, Cross and his family moved to the Spotted Tail Agency, which later became Rosebud.  After this experience, Cross worked in his Hot Springs studio until his death in 1907.  His work focused on the landscapes of the Black Hills and the Native Americans, which include images of Sitting Bull and Spotted Tail.

The library plans to scan the collection to make sample images available online.  A comprehensive guide to the W.R. Cross collection is available on the Case Library website. 

For more information, contact Bobbi Sago at 642-2810 or RobertaSago@bhsu.edu.