Danielle Donald, photography major from Gillette, currently has a photo exhibit up at The Dahl Fine Arts Center in Rapid City featuring images she captured and edited with her iPhone. This photo taken in Belle Fourche is one of her favorite.
For Black Hills State University photography major Danielle Donald, that moment of inspiration or unique juxtaposition of natural images is fleeting. While Donald does not always have her camera handy to capture those short-lived wonders, she does routinely carry her cell phone.

Donald shares a collection of her iPhone images in an exhibit at The Dahl Fine Arts Center in Rapid City. The exhibit titled “A Walk Outside” runs through Saturday, Feb. 8, 2014.

“I had just been playing around with my phone and taking pictures and realized that I can create some pretty cool pictures,” said Donald. “It is amazing the quality of cell phone images; they are mimicking that of a big camera. They don’t have as many pixels but people are producing some great images off their phones.”

With the help of BHSU professor of photography Steve Babbitt, Donald set out to create an entire 20-piece collection of photographs captured only with her iPhone and using only phone applications to edit the images.

“After experimenting with a plethora of editing apps, I came across two that were simple to use and offered the effects I was looking for,” Donald said noting that all her images were edited using CameraPlus or Picfx.

Many of her images feature the Black Hills; however, areas of Montana are also included in the collection.

“I find inspiration in my surroundings with various types of light, lines and composition,” she said. “Capturing moments of nostalgia and giving them a unique appearance allows me to tell a story. This story is simply one of how the use of a new technology was used to help create images from the inspirations I have found.”

Donald said having her images displayed at The Dahl is a huge accomplishment. “I did this,” she said of the year-long project. “I put my mind to it and I did it.”