The South Dakota Stock Market Game (SDSMG), a program where teams of students research and purchase a portfolio of stocks, received national recognition during the Stock Market Game Symposium in New York City earlier this summer.

The state won the InvestWrite Essay Network Challenge by having a nearly 200 percent increase in the the number of essays submitted by South Dakota students after the stock market trading period. That was the highest growth rate across the nation, according to Don Altmyer, Black Hills State University professor of business and coordinator of the SDSMG program.

“I was pleased that a growing number of our South Dakota stock market game teachers were participating in InvestWrite, our culminating essay contest where students consider real-world economic events, conduct online research and develop investment recommendations for long-term savings and investing,” Altmyer said. “I was proud that Rapid City Stevens High School student Clarissa Petres was the national fifth place high school winner in last fall’s InvestWrite competition.  This was the first time a South Dakota student has placed nationally, and it is quite an accomplishment considering that over 1,600 high school essays were submitted.”

As a culminating activity for the nation’s 600,000 students who annually compete in the Stock Market Game, InvestWrite challenges fourth- 12th graders to analyze an investment scenario and write an essay offering advice.

“InvestWrite and the Stock Market Game program require students to monitor daily global market activity and economic factors that drive investments to determine the short- and long-term growth potential of industries, companies, asset classes and specific stocks, bonds and mutual funds,” Altmyer said. “They are then asked to make sophisticated, thoughtful recommendations that reflect what is expected of college and career-ready students.”

Teachers may now register for the Fall 2013 session of the South Dakota Stock Market Game (SDSMG) which begins Monday, Oct. 7.

The SDSMG is sponsored by the BHSU Center for Economic Education, the Securities Industry Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) and the South Dakota Council on Economic Education. InvestWrite is a program of the SIFMA Foundation. Since 1997, more than 15,000 South Dakota students have participated in the Stock Market Game. Last year, more than 1,000 students from 46 South Dakota schools participated.