Black Hills State University is partnering with three South Dakota K-12 schools for projects to help improve science and mathematics instruction.

BHSU received three of the six Title II grants from the U.S. Department of Education which pairs university science, math and education faculty with teachers and administrators from high-need school systems to develop relevant professional development activities. More than 134 teachers from across South Dakota will participate.

The partnership grants, each funded at about $50,000, include:

·         BHSU and Todd County School District for a “Best Practices in Teaching Mathematics and the New Common Core Standards SW” project;

·         BHSU and Andes Central School District for a “Best Practices in Teaching Mathematics and the New Common Core Standards” project;

·         BHSU and Wessington Springs School District for a “Modeling Physics for All South Dakota 2013” project;

·         South Dakota State University and White River School District for a “Cosmic Connections 2013” project;

·         SDSU and Summit School District for a “Practicing the Mathematical Practices” project and;

·         SDSU and Red Cloud Indian School, along with Smee School District, for a “STEM Enhancement Teacher Institute” project.


The grants will involve teachers in specialized summer workshops and follow-up activities that lead to implementation of lesson plans in math and science throughout the school year. The South Dakota Board of Regents administers the federal grant funds.


The projects will bring together higher education faculty, local school systems, and other education agencies and partners to achieve statewide impact. Funding runs from April 2013 through September 2014.