Markus Heinrich has been involved in activities and organizations, such as Enactus, during his time at Black Hills State University.
 Markus Heinrich spent four years at BHSU encouraging recycling through the creation of the Cans 2 Cans Recycling LLC.
Markus Heinrich said his biggest accomplishment during his Black Hills State University career has been juggling everything – from involvement in school organizations and studies to the marketing of his business ventures.

Heinrich was one of more than 400 graduates during Saturday’s 165th BHSU Commencement Ceremony. He was awarded a bachelor of science degree in business administration – entrepreneurial studies and marketing, and is now focusing on expanding several of the businesses he started while at BHSU.

Originally an environmental biology major, Heinrich quickly moved in a new direction after realizing he had knack for business.

 “The more I read and the more I found out about the possibilities and the differences you can make – it was perfect for me.”

Heinrich immediately began joining student organization and finding his place in the business world. Since enrolling at BHSU, Heinrich has started several business ventures. Currently he has three businesses: Top Lawn, Cans 2 Cans Recycling and his most recent business Breaktime Vending, which sells small-unit vending machines to businesses with under 20 employees. He currently has seven units throughout Whitewood and Spearfish.

“I thought I found the perfect niche,” he said. “There is no electricity and I supply candy, chips and specialty items.”

He plans to sell his lawn care business this summer and use that capital to purchase additional vending machines.

His Cans 2 Cans Recycling business is also expanding with a new 55-gallon drum recently placed in Sturgis High School.  Heinrich started Cans 2 Cans Recycling his freshman year after observing the incredible number of aluminum cans that were not being recycling on campus. He partnered with recent BHSU graduate Kalani Corpuz who provided help in marketing Heinrich’s idea. The business uses individually designed 55-gallon drums equipped with a can crusher on top and a re-usable mesh bag to catch the cans and encourage more people to recycle.

Aside from his businesses, Heinrich has been active in several activities and organizations during his time at BHSU. As a freshman, he joined BHSU’s chapter of Enactus, a worldwide student organization committed to using entrepreneurial action to develop community outreach projects and shape a better more sustainable world. The organization recently won the regional competition in Minneapolis and now goes on to compete nationally in Kansas City, Mo.

Heinrich, along with three other BHSU students, also recently launched a new campus bike rental program. The Lisa Bike Program will begin this fall and allows students to rent a bike for the semester. The students started the program after winning a $3,000 BHSU sustainability grant. With the grant, the students also bought a bike station which will include all the tools needed to provide bike maintenance as well as a QR code which will take students to a website that provides step-by-step directions on how to fix bike problems.

Heinrich does not know exactly what his future holds but it will likely involve more business opportunities.