Photographer Greg Wilson with his dog, while bicycling across the U.S. and capturing photographs of his journey.


Photograph taken by Greg Wilson  of the Forlorn Apostle in Victoria, Australia while traveling through Australia during one of his journeys.

Black Hills State University is currently exhibiting feature photographs from Greg Wilson’s travels around the world along with excerpts from his journals. The exhibit, which is in the second floor of the Clare & Josef Meier Hall, will continue through Aug. 1.

“I never thought of documenting traveling the world via blog and photos when I decided to take off,” said Wilson. My camera and writings were simply ways that I could keep my friends and family abreast on the adventures of the open road.”  

Wilson’s photographs are a documentation of his experiences while biking across America and backpacking in Australia and New Zealand. Some of Wilson’s experiences include an unplanned route through America visiting family and friends along the way, traveling the east coast of Australia, spending time in a rainforest and tropical reef, and touring the entire country of New Zealand.

Wilson, the son of Warren Wilson, chief information technology officer, started traveling the country while interning at Daktronics. His love of photography grew as captured beautiful images of mountains, deserts, and cities. While backpacking in Alaska six years ago, Wilson discovered his true passion for photography and traveling.  He says he discovered the joy of carrying everything that was needed in a backpack and the freedom that came with it.

“Even though a picture is worth a thousand words, a thousand words are not enough to truly describe that moment. So I set out to pick the pictures that did convey part of the emotions and story then added a written supplement beneath each picture to explain the reasoning behind it,” said Wilson.

Wilson commented, “The best thing I learned from travel is that impossible is nothing. To go from so many diverse environments and overcoming so many challenges and laughing all the while with friends new and old, just shows that with an open mind and a stubborn will you can make your dreams a reality.”