Black Hills State University will be hosting The Science Scholars Institute for high school students to provide them with the chance to learn science in the research laboratories of science faculty.

Students will have the opportunity of learning science by doing science. “I want students to be scientists during the period of the camp,” Lamb said.

The BHSU Science Scholars Summer Institute, open to high school students who have completed their sophomore year, is scheduled for June 3-28.

The institute involves students participating in research projects along with undergraduate and graduate students under the mentorship of faculty in an area of their interest. They will learn the underlying rationale for their project, develop cutting-edge scientific techniques on state of the art equipment, and present and discuss their results at weekly seminars. Participants in the Institute will work under the direct guidance of science faculty at BHSU, all of whom hold doctorate degrees in fields in biology, chemistry, geology, or physics.

BHSU will be offering additional summer camps for middle and high school students on the following topics: business, art, drafting, history, photography, and creativity and critical thinking.

For more information or to sign up for any of the academic summer camps go to www.BHSU.edu/summercamps or contact Hasina Ahmad at 605.642.6427 or Hasina.Ahmad@BHSU.edu.