The exhibit "History of Things to Come" will be at the Black Hills State University Ruddell Gallery through March 8. The exhibit features art from seven artists who have attended and/or taught at BHSU within the past decade.
The newest exhibit in the Black Hills State University Ruddell Gallery offers a glimpse into the influence living and working in  South Dakota had on a group of local artists.  

The exhibit, “History of Things to Come,” will be at the second floor gallery of the David B. Miller Yellow Jacket Student Union through March 8. The exhibit includes pieces from seven artists who have attended and/or taught at BHSU within in the past decade including: Michael Baum, Karri A. Dieken, James Louks, Erica Merchant, Mike Knutson, Dustin Price, and Ann Porter.

“While it may not be initially recognizable, the landscape and isolation of western South Dakota has informed the artists’ work in a conceptual manner,” said Price, also the curator for the exhibit. “Stillness, contemplation, labor, meditation, rural lifestyles, heritage and the landscape are all recurring themes throughout the artwork. “

The tile of the exhibition, Price said, refers to the artists’ history of living and working in South Dakota. “The artists’ relationship with life in the region has informed and strengthened their evolving art practices. The exhibition acknowledges the influence of the geographical area while looking toward the possibilities inherent in their future practices.”

Several of the artists were undergraduate students at BHSU at the same time. “We all sort of make similar work, just different mediums,” said Dieken. She said some of pieces exhibited in the Ruddell Gallery are reminiscent of the artists undergraduate work; however, with a new spin.

Dieken, whose undergraduate work focused on photography, said a photograph she took of a classmate several years ago inspired her current work. The student was standing in front of a wallpapered background. Her work currently consists of installations focused around images that are hand drawn and translated into wallpaper panels using serigraph and digital printing.  Each of her installations contains true stories of her life experiences. Her installation in the Ruddell Gallery, which is a work in progress, is a history of her father who died a few years ago.

The Ruddell Gallery is open during regular business house. All shows are free of charge. For more information, contact James Knutson or David Wilson at 605.642.6706 or the Student Union information center at 605.642.6062.